The Rules.

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The Rules.

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:27 pm

Yes this is the Incredibots Forum's Rules.

1. Respect.
The primary goal of our rules is to promote respect for all of our members, regardless of age, skill level or forum rank. Please refrain from doing anything which may disrespect or offend another member.

2. Friendliness
All posts must be friendly in tone. We want everyone to feel welcome here, and a friendly tone will certainly help make that goal a reality. Please try to ensure that your posts appear friendly; it's easy to misinterpret tone on the internet, so err on the side of over-friendliness!

3. Good Netiquette.
As a forum user, we expect you to follow the generally accepted rules of good netiquette. Some of these rules are:
- No posting advertisements to other sites
- No posting the same message multiple times
- Do not make random posts that are irrelevant to the current direction of the thread.
- Do not make a post that stretches out the page

Posts that don't follow these guidelines will either be deleted or edited to bring them into compliance. Repeated offenses of this rule will result in a user ban.

4. Discussing Politics and Religion
Please try not to discuss politics or religion. Stating your political or religious affiliation is fine, but starting a debate is not. Political/religious discussions can turn into an emotional argument, and often do. If you feel the need to start a political or religious discussion, do so elsewhere. Any political or religious discussions will be locked or deleted as necessary.

5. Arguments and Flame Wars
Any threads that become overly heated and/or emotional will be locked. Please refrain from starting threads that may devolve into such arguments.

6. Inappropriate Posts
This is the list of inappropriate content:
*Anything that has Roblox in it.
* Threats
* Personal insults
* Sexual content
* Racist content
* Violent content
* Illegal content (including discussion of software piracy)
* Swear words/curse words (anything more vulgar than "damn" or "hell" will be removed. This includes common acronyms that represent swear words, and words that are partially obscured but are still obvious swears.)

All inappropriate content will be removed and privately logged. Repeated posting of inappropriate content will result in a user ban

7. Signatures
* User signatures cannot contain images.
* Signatures can be a maximum of 6 lines in length.
* Signatures are subject to the "inappropriate content" rules outlined above.

Failure to adhere to these signature rules will result in the removal of your signature and a warning. Repeated occurrences will result in a user ban.

8. Link Guidelines:
Links posted should not have threats; personal insults; sexual, violent, or illegal content; and should not contain browser-hijacking pranks. This also applies to signatures and any redirected websites.

9. Reporting Rule Infractions
If you notice something that needs a moderator’s attention, please send a PM to a moderator, preferably one that’s online. Commenting about it on the forum only adds to the problem. If you feel that any of our moderators have acted improperly, please report it to an administrator.

10. Terms of Use
Be sure you're familiar with the game's Terms of Use


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